White Roses

There is a rose bed at the back left of the garden, many of the roses were gifted to my parents for anniversaries and so on.   Nature in the Home’s theme is ‘white’ this week and these are the only white flowers in the garden right now.  This stem and flowers were on the ground, the weight of the flowers after the rain was too much for the spindly stem by the looks of it.

rose 014

Rose colours often have symbolic associations, white roses  are for purity, innocence, peace, reverence and humility. I feel sure there must be  a song out there about white roses, anybody know it?

Joining in with Lou at Little Green Shed week 17.


25 June 2013

22 june 007

Just thought I’d share a spontaneous purchase with you from this Saturday.  It happened when I did a quick ‘stop and run’ to collect my copy of Mid Century Magazine issue 5 from Moleta Munro on Jeffrey Street .  Whilst in the shop,  my eye drifted round the shop past the gorgeous wishbone chairs and landed on this super little table that fits into the space between my bed and the wall perfectly.  I am so pleased with it – it is the first thing I’ve bought for up there.  Still no wardrobes!

Rushing again, out again for dinner, this time it’s Peter’s Yard in Stockbridge, Peter’s Yard.  Report coming soon, x

Day Seventy-Nine

old school hooks
old school hooks

Finishing details are the order of the day.  We have hooks in all the cupboards and many of the bits and bobs still needing  done  have been done by Gibby  today.  These hooks are lovely, I am very pleased with them, I am hoping each hook will have a specific item on it belonging to my children.  Am I being unrealistic? Probably, I already know that!

Here are some more images from today. I’m in a rush tonight, off out for dinner with work colleagues at the ‘new’ Pizza Express in Morningside which is a converted church, looking forward to seeing how it has been done.

these are for the childrens' school things, I live in hope
these are for the children’s’ school things, I live in hope
new hooks for the old coat cupboard
new hooks for the old coat cupboard
a new shelf for precious things
a new shelf for precious things