Follow the tales of our bungalow, home to my husband, 3 children, 2 dogs, 2 guinea pigs and me.  We have lived here since August 2011 but we have known the house for much longer. The bungalow is now getting a new ‘proper’ upstairs and a new look downstairs.


Have a look in the archives to find out more then keep up to date with what’s going on day by day. Why regeneration?Ready, at last  and Day One are good places to start. Enjoy x


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Don’t clear too much clutter Katie..
    You know that feeling when you find an old clasp in a jacket pocket and it feels like gold dust….
    If you have to let it go, take photos of it first and make a scrap book or alternatively buy a glue gun and make junk pictures. If you don’t have time now (which you don’t) stick it in boxes labelled “for making junk pictures when I’m an oldie”.
    Can’t believe you mentioned George Street without one single mention of the wellies, the sheep pyjamas and your wonderful, flat mates – outrageous !
    Rit – I willna be doon in a bit for a buttery after all !

  2. Thanks for the analogy, I knew there was a reason we have got on for so long. I must admit having such guilt and sadness about one item that went to a well know charity shop in Stockbridge that I had to go back on the off chance that it was still there. It was and lovely lady there gave it back with good grace. I have lots of boxes of bits and bobs, don’t worry. I had thought about labelling each item with a story for the future generations. Hey, one day……

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