30 April 2013

Hello, I am still here, this is my 90th post, can you believe it? Thanks to all of you who take the time to read my blethers, I appreciate it very much.

There was no blog yesterday because nothing at all has happened here, work wise, it’s not anywhere near the end of the regeneration though that’s for sure.  I’ll keep you posted.

We have finished painting the two front rooms upstairs except for the woodwork – everyone’s favourite.  The tiles and screen for the shower room still need to be sorted out along with the screen for the bath upstairs.

The flea market at Out of the Blue on Saturday was great fun, I came home with a vintage swirly blue and white sixties dress and a set of Hornsea Tapestry containers and cruet set.  Photos soon. My companions’ purchases included a basket, a curtain, a document case with the right name on, and a tweed hat, yes, you read that correctly, she loves it!

Another part of the regeneration has been disposing of unloved items, two more chairs and a footstool have gone, they had got so manky with the works and I was sick of moving them about.  Freecycle worked this time, both my sister and I have had bad experiences waiting in for ages for people to pick things up – not even an apology came.  Who know what’s next for the ‘goodbye’ list?

Back with some photos tomorrow, including nature in the home.  Cracking day in Edinburgh today, hope it keeps up x


Day Sixty-Three

We had a wee visit today but no actual work – I am counting it though since someone did come here regarding the works.


Borough Market

Have a look at these images from the incredible Borough Market.  No explanations necessary, the images speak for themselves.

from iphone 26 april 137

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Did you notice the price of the Morels?  L could not get over how much they were.  We didn’t buy any Morels but did buy the biggest chocolate brownies you’ve ever seen,  even L could not manage a whole one and that’s saying something.

from iphone 26 april 130



Other Stuff

The concert last night was brilliant, those children can fair perform that’s for sure.  F the percussionist was fabulous, he did not miss a beat and his playing has improved massively.  My heart filled with pride for him, not least because he was very nervous and really did not want to ‘do it’.  You would never have known looking at him standing there. I’m a very proud Mum today.

Now it’s time to wish you a good weekend, I’m off to a flea market with some friends tomorrow, should be fun x

Day Sixty-Two

You may be wondering why there was no post yesterday, well, nothing happened at all here works wise, so no post.

Mark has been here today doing more plumbing bits and bobs, the upstairs loo is back, the sink and shower are in up there too – all we need is a shower screen, some skirting and a door now.

the shower and sink upstairs
the shower and sink upstairs

The next thing to decide is colour, it’s between really bright blue, white or maybe pale grey.  Hmmm  I’ll make my decision soon and get painting…


I’m looking forward to seeing percussion demon F this evening in a school concert. He is not exactly enthusiastic about this performance – it will definitely not be boring with him on the cymbal!