25 October 2013

Here we are, Friday again and we’re all anticipating the things we’ll do with an extra hour, let’s not worry about how early it will get dark.

Just a few things to share;

The first is the beautiful house we stayed in last weekend in Newcastle’s Gosforth area.  Our pals have not long moved in to it and it is an absolute cracker.  It was built in 1910 and has lots of original features left.  You enter the house via the gorgeous and unusually shaped front door, then you’re hit by the  wood panelling painted white – it really works.  The floor in the hall and the other rooms downstairs is breathtaking too and when you look more closely you notice the inlaid detail round the edges. I was so inspired by the wooden hall that I have had (yet another) sanding floor company round today.  Just cannot decide whether to go for dark or pale boards.  Any advice gratefully received.

floor detail
floor detail
front door
front door – note the built in hatch
tiles in upstairs loo, would be black and white wouldn't they
tiles in upstairs loo, would be black and white wouldn’t they

The other thing that strikes you about the house is the windows, so many bays with the original glazing.  it was hard to capture how stunning they are and how huge!

check this front room's bay, complete with Skylanders, of course
check this front room’s bay, complete with Skylanders, of course

Next thing,

Earthy was looking very seasonal today when I popped in, lovely to see the Halloween thing without hideousness (is that a word).  I’ve never seen so many different types of pumpkins and squashes.

Earthy, Canonmills
Earthy, Canonmills

Lastly, there’s a new place to eat in Edinburgh and here’s the cover for the menu, designed collaboratively by two girls I know.

hope the food is as attractive
hope the food is as attractive

Remember to let me know whether you prefer dark or light wooden stripped floorboards, it’s beginning to get on my nerves that I cannot decide.  Have a fabulous, autumnal weekend. xx

p.s. still no idea what the enamel item from yesterday is

Mystery Item

This is the interesting enamel item bought from the flea market at Out of the Blue, here in Edinburgh, last time it was on.  So far, I have not worked out what it is.  Why did you buy it? You might ask, well, I bought it to use as a toothbrush holder in the upstairs bathroom.  Also, I have a wee thing about enamel ware too, if I’m honest.

Genuine Kockum Swedish
Genuine Kockum Swedish

So, if you have any idea what this is actually for let me know – I look forward to hearing from you, that’s for sure.  Do pass this on to any Swedes you know, thanks x

18 October 2013


Yesterday we had lots of the tiny little things that have been bugging me sorted.  The shutters now look ‘right’ and they do not swing out at all, the windows have handles on every one and they are the right way round, the picture rail is sorted in the hall and the door handle in my bedroom no longer falls off every time I close the door.  Isn’t it funny how getting little jobs done can make your week.  The doorbell still needs fixed so we actually know when someone is at the door, luckily Lennie is a good doorbell substitute – he barks every time the front gate goes. It feels so good to have got here, pretty much  finished.  The man from the council is coming next week, fingers crossed for that one.  Hope Lennie does not put him off!

Lennie finds some interesting reading
Lennie finds some interesting reading

Almond Tea

Anteaques is a fabulous tea shop cum antique shop here in Edinburgh.  They have the most amazing range of tea and I am loving the almond tea right now.  The first taste of the almond tea was when my husband chose it in Peter’s Yard after we had been up at the festival watching a BBC live broadcast, we needed something to cheer us up, it was challenging to say the least!  If you’ve not been to Peter’s Yard, you must go, the pizzas in the Stockbridge one are amazing and the range of pastries and bakes is unusual and so, so appetising.  I digress, if you have time head on up the bridges and find Anteaques, it is near the Queen’s Hall and Festival Theatre on Clerk Street.  They sell all their teas to take away and serve super scones and teas in amongst the antiques for sale.  What a brilliant combination it is. Check out their website Anteaques for more information.