Maroon 5

I’ve missed a couple of weeks worth of tunes, this one will get you tapping you feet and singing along.  It’s one of H’s absolute favourite songs and she cannot help dancing when it comes on. She knows the whole dance routine from the dance game on the Wii from playing it one eve at a friends’ house. Amazing.

Lovely and sunny here this morning, phew.

Beth Orton

If you liked this check out the album this track is from, Sugaring Season. Trailer Park is also worth a listen if you don’t already have it.  Trailer Park was sent over to me by C when I was living in Malaysia.  I loved it instantly and could not get over how beautiful it was in every way.  You’ll feel calmer after listening to either record, guaranteed.

Franz Ferdinand

This was a big hit in our house, this is F’s first favourite song, well nearly, we couldn’t choose between Franz and Kylie so you’re getting both.. I can remember listening to Kylie with F on the way to nursery and both of us belting out the chorus in the Beetle.  Happy Days.

Watch out for Kylie’s take on a hooded onesie, she was well ahead of the crowd.  Not sure it would keep her very warm though.