Window on my World

Today I changed the blog title.  It has been mulling around in my head for some time that ‘Regeneration’ is not really appropriate any more now that most of the first phase, and the most significant, is pretty much done.  There are still rooms that need decorated and possessions to sort through belonging to my parents but, on the whole, this feels like our house now.

We’ve got a chimney sweep guy coming tomorrow so hopefully another of my wishes will be granted and we will be able to have a real fire in the house.  The big wish is a wood burner in the back room but that is out of our reach for now.  I’ll keep you posted on how it goes, ideally with a beautiful fire photograph.

What do you think of the new title?  I am still swithering but nothing ventured and all that…   Just in case you’re interested here’s what was happening a year ago 27 November 2013.