6 November 2013

So, we’ve had Halloween and fireworks night so it is definitely time for  hunkering down and making the place cosy and warm for winter.  The clocks have changed, the temperature has dropped and we can look forward to the Festive season very soon.

These events in the rhythm of the year make my thoughts turn to my Dad.  It is three years today since he died, one Saturday morning, without any warning.  Before he died, I thought that people must have had some inclination that their loved one was not well or that they were at least ‘not themselves’ before they passed away.  Sadly, I now know that it does happen, out of nowhere.  Remember to enjoy the little things and moments when you are caught up in the whirl of life, they are so important and so easy to miss.  Enough of my wise words now, my Dad always let you know what he thought whether you invited his wisdom or not, I miss that so much now he has gone.

This made me stop, stare, and take pictures, yesterday.  The photo does not show the whole arch, it was too big to capture, what a shame, it was simply phenomenal.

there was a feint secondary rainbow there too, amazing and so vibrant
there was a faint secondary rainbow there too, above this one, look closely on the left of the picture.


Rainbows have symbolic meanings in lots of religions and cultures, here are some interpretations, there are plenty more out there in cyberspace to consider.  This rainbow helped me to remember that it is good to take a minute once in a while to appreciate the small things in life.