Day Forty-Seven

The bungalow has been super busy again today, the plasterers have made it down the stairs and finished the ‘join’ to the hall really well and the bathroom has been skimmed too. The dormers have been undercoated outside and prepped inside. The frame is in for the ensuite door and there is a wall between the new ensuite and the bedroom cupboard. Electrical stuff has been going on too. That’s quite a lot if you ask me.

the windows work
the windows work
join hall and stair
join between hall and stair



Other Stuff

The sun has been shining all afternoon and, though it is a bit chilly out of the rays, I have removed the guinea hutch from its winter home to allow the summer-house to be used again.  I emptied it, swept out all the hay and debris, put the furniture back in and within 5 minutes my boys and their pal had taken up residence.  Typical.  It was good to see them outside playing for hours on end I must admit, about time too.  This could be spring coming back to cheer us all up a bit.  The boys insisted on eating their tea in the summer-house, brilliant, you can tell they’re desperate for good weather too.

mid regeneration of  summer house
mid regeneration of summer house
looking  better
looking better
occupied by a boy
occupied by a boy
even Candy was out today.
even Candy and Lillie were out today.

My hyacinth is my contribution to this week’s Nature in the Home with little green shed. hyacinth 2



day 37 009

A real snapshot here of the bargain hyacith I picked up at B&Q last night when I was looking at bathroom worktops.  We found a whole tray of violas, a rosemary plant and some primroses and our whole bill came to £2, including this hyacinth.  Oh, I love a bargain.  You can see one of last week’s tulips popping in, they are all open and floppy, just beautiful.

Week Four.  Joining in the ‘nature in the home’ series with Lou at little green shed.