Crail Raceway

This Sunday teenboy finally got the birthday present from his lovely Auntie that she booked months ago.  We had a great drive up to Crail in Fife, with the dogs, and this is what he got to do.  Please excuse my commentary, it was quite something to watch my 14 year old have the amazing opportunity to go SO fast-


Not a bad start to teenboy’s driving career.

just about to start...
just about to start…



After his drive he had track car ‘hotlaps’ in an Evo  – he wished he could have gone faster, another time, perhaps.


he's a passenger, not driving this time
he’s a passenger, not driving this time




Thank you so much to my sis, shame Dad was not there to see it, he would have loved all of the other cars and no doubt would have found a car to have a turn in.  xxx

And, here’s a wee hint if you’re stuck about what to get me for next year’s birthday…

love this Merc, Porsche would do though
love this Merc, Porsche would do though



I would like to heartily recommend Supercars Scotland if your little treasure fancies driving a supercar, everyone was superfriendly and supernice too.  This is NOT a sponsored post, they were just lovely!