1 May 2013

The beginning of May is a time when many feel uplifted that winter is finally behind us and we can truly look forward to lighter nights and warmer, sunnier days.  If you live in Edinburgh you take the weather as it comes and delight in every bit of summer that comes your way – nothing is guaranteed here, but the illusion that it could be warm is there none the less.

For me the beginning of May is not joyous, it is the anniversary of my Mum’s death.  She died 5 years ago today.  Never a day goes by that I wish I could ask her opinion on something, tell her something about the minutiae of my life or just have a cup of tea with her and put the world to rights.  She would have been so full of ideas for the regeneration, she really helped with our last house renovation.  I miss her so much.  My sister and I got together for lunch at a The Gallery of Modern Art, a place she loved going with us.

Nothing doing at the house today work wise, I wish things would get moving again so I can get F and H upstairs soon.  We have chosen a carpet but there’s not point getting it fitted until the coast is clear up there.  We still have lots of painting to do too.

The tiles are here for the shower room, even better is they were a bargain.  White is the colour yet again but they’re big tiles this time for a change.  There are strong colours planned for the rest of the room so  it  certainly won’t be boring.

shower room tiles
shower room tiles


Here are a couple of flowers I spotted today in the garden, the tulips are below an acer and the magnolia is in a pot at the front of the house and left to its own devices, it was given to me as a birthday present quite a few years ago now.  It is over a month later than usual flowering with our late spring.

1 may 010

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day 37 009

A real snapshot here of the bargain hyacith I picked up at B&Q last night when I was looking at bathroom worktops.  We found a whole tray of violas, a rosemary plant and some primroses and our whole bill came to £2, including this hyacinth.  Oh, I love a bargain.  You can see one of last week’s tulips popping in, they are all open and floppy, just beautiful.

Week Four.  Joining in the ‘nature in the home’ series with Lou at little green shed.

Day Thirty-Five

mothers' day tulip
mothers’ day tulip

Monday again,  I thought it might brighten up your day a little to see this tulip from my Mothers’ Day bunch.  It’s so fully in bloom it couldn’t possibly open any further.

Zzzzzzzzz  very little happened today here, Mark did a short stint as a one man band and the shower tray is in place but we’re not allowed to walk on it. Afraid that’s all folks.