Tantallon Castle


We popped down to North Berwick today and had a wee coffee at The Den which boasts a midcentury modern furniture shop,  Annie Sloan paints, a workshop along with a lovely little cafe.  There is a definite Scandi feel to the place food wise the website is here (but I think they are more active on twitter and Facebook).

Tantallon Castle was our next stop on our East Lothian trail. Read all about it here. Beware, photo overload below….

through the ruins
through the ruins
Some of us made it to the top
Lennie's not so taken with the view.
Lennie’s not so taken with the view.
Bass rock from Tantallon Castle
I know this might be getting boring now but the clouds were amazing today.

Our last stop was a delightful little nursery and tea shop in East Linton called Smeaton Nursery Gardens.  We couldn’t resist some potted bulbs and a stick on the window bird feeder which I will show you once it is installed.  There are loads of little blue tits in the garden at the moment, I’m hoping they will come and use it so we can get a good look at them.
Have you got gamers in your family?  Try to get to see the Games Masters exhibition on at Royal Museum of Scotland.  It’s got loads of those old arcade games that some of you will remember from the Lothian Road days here in Edinburgh.  Can you remember the name of that place?  Let me know if you do…

Anyway have a great weekend, February has gone in a flash so far hasn’t it?

Looking Back

I have changed the look of the blog again, it is so tempting with so many options to keep trying out something new. I’ve gone back to ‘Regeneration’ too, I cannot give any reason for that, I just did!

While I was faffing about I found myself reading the post from two years ago today.  I thought you might like to remind yourself how this place looked when it was being taken to bits.  31 January 2013

I really MUST do a few before and after shots for you, having looked back I realise I never really did them properly.

Lastly here’s a song for the rest of the weekend, my daughter and I have it on every time we get in the car.  If you get the chance go see them live, they are brilliant, we saw them a couple of weeks ago at the Usher Hall.  (We think the blonde one looks very like our eldest niece sometimes)

Have good rest of the weekend and ‘keep on keeping on’ as First Aid Kit would say (or sing).



Two Years On

Wow, how did that happen?  It is now two years since the regeneration works and my blog began and both have slowed right down now. I will still be posting when there is something to say and when the mood takes me. There are still lots of things to do here, will the house ever be done? Of course not.

From what I can make out from my limited knowledge and experience, blogging is playing second fiddle to both  Instagram and Pinterest both of which take up more of my time than I care to admit.  I’d love to have you following me on Instagram, just follow the link and make a friend request. For some reason I just cannot get the Pinterest link to work so look for me under bungalowblogger and let me know how you get on.

Here’s the obligatory photograph – I’ve cheated because it is from last year – the flowers are out again already.  I swear the tree was bare one day and full of yellow blooms the next. Even teenboy senior was impressed!

Witch hazel flower
Witch hazel flower

ps, looks like I have managed to get a Pinterest link sorted, click on the little folder symbol at the top left of the page.

update – no I have not sorted the link, tried and tried but to no success. Boo