I’ve been getting rid of lots and lots of stuff lately so that the builders can get started next Tuesday.  It’s going ok but I seem to be missing something…the emancipated, light feeling that all the ‘declutter your life’ propoganda promises. In fact, I am simply finding it hard and a bit depressing.

Some of the stuff belonged to my parents and their parents.  These things have been carefully preserved and treasured for years. It is so sad to think that whole lives can be whittled down to  a few (hundred) photos and  some key possessions. It certainly makes you think about life, death and what really matters.  There are memories too, of course, and they come back to you in a flash when you find particular things, it is a warm, familiar feeling that often transports you back to childhood.

We have enough old china to open a teashop, lots of artefacts, including a fabulous set of 3 shire horses and lots of home videos that I have promised to transfer to digital media. One of the videos documents the work that was known in the family as the ‘millennium dome’ – a garden room at the back was constructed in 1999.    My parents started the bungalow’s regeneration for the 21 Century then I guess.  I will share some clips when I can.

This is just one of the things I found amongst our boxes.  It is so pretty and I love the little flowers at either end to hold conserves or butter.  It belonged to my paternal grandparents and dates from the 1930s. I just love it. It’s staying with us for sure.

grandma's toast rack
grandma’s toast rack

There have been several trips to the dump, the charity shops and friends to reduce our clobber.  I am not sure it is working, there still seem to be lots of boxes ready to come downstairs.  I have doubled the amount sitting there since this  photo was taken.

jan 213

Bear in mind that we have to get everything down these steps, not easy, in fact, very tricky.  Thought you might like to see the view downwards.  Best approached backwards with a box.

looking down the stairs

So, are possessions important or are they just clogging up the space we inhibit? I don’t know the answer but I do know there is another whole big load to go through and sort out – the sooner the better.  Maybe I’ll get the fantastic feeling once the last box hits the ground floor.  I’ll keep you posted but don’t hold your breath.

Other stuff -We’ve had hardly any snow here but I managed to catch Lucy our snow dog in it – she absolutely loves playing in the snow. Lennie and Lucy had a bath earlier today and they are looking great, it’s amazing what you find to do when you’re meant to be tidying!

Lucy loves snow

So, more boxes tomorrow and they’ll all be downstairs by Monday morning.  Hopefully.( keep your fingers crossed there’s no stair incident.)


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