Day Two

Well, I guess day one would be hard to trump for impact and dramatic change.  Today there was more clearing of the attic.  They were taking the insulation out, removing the rest of the ceiling and some of the floorboards are up now too. Here’s how it is looking today.

view from the back
view from the back
indulation still to go
insulation still to go
view from the back
view from the front

We spotted a couple of wasp bikes/nests in the eaves.  The are incredible, how on earth can the wasps make such a perfect structure? They are so delicate and fragile.  Not so keen on the inhabitants though, that’s for sure.

larger of the wasp bikes
larger of the wasp bikes

day 2 009

The most dramatic change today is the arrival of scaffolding at the front. It’s quite bizarre looking out of the first floor window and seeing someone standing there.

day 2 005

insulation removed today
insulation removed today

I have no idea where all this insulation has come from, especially since there is a massive amount still to come out.  The worst thing was the wind blowing it all over the place.  It did get covered up soon after I took this,  horrible stuff.

The stripping should be finished tomorrow and some of the prep for the steel beams will be done. I’m looking forward to seeing how they’re going to get them where they need to be!

The boys are just loving the building action and F is planning what he could do with one big room and an xbox setup. L was interested to  see where the wasps that often sat on his windowsill had come from.  Wee H is not so well this evening, I think she is a bit overwhelmed by the whole scenario and, knowing her, she’s probably worrying about it all.  She has the runny nose that a 5 year old is often plagued by at this time of year. Fingers crossed a good sleep will restore her sunny smile.

I joined Pinterest earlier to put ideas for the new look bungalow on.  Now I need to work out how to get a wee button on the blog to take you there.  I fear Pinterest may be a bit addictive.  We’ll see.


2 thoughts on “Day Two

  1. I love pinterest – you will spend hours looking and find so many fab ideas. Hope Hannah is feeling better in the morning. I am looking forward to what is going to happen on day 3! K x

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