Day Four

Today was pretty quiet.

The steels arrived early and by 10.20am the rest of the debris had gone and everything went quiet.

yes, that is the sun shining at last
yes, that is the sun shining at last

day 4.1 008

the last of the debris for now.
the last of the debris for now

There are two hiccups at the moment.  The alarm control panel needs to be moved and we have to use the alarm company’s engineer.  Yes, that will be expensive.  The other one is to do with where one of the supporting steels will go.  The structural engineers are on the case and hopefully we’ll have an answer soon.  Basically it is not possible to put the steel where the drawings show it should go over the bay window.  Another option needs to be decided.  Some pad stones are in for the other steels ready for them to go in on Monday.  I think that’s enough detail for now.


Other Stuff

H has been off school today and I decided to do a job that I’ve been meaning to do for a very long time.  I’ve got a thing about house magazines and I have a huge pile of them to look through and cut bits and bobs out of for my scrapbook. I have to get some ideas together for bathrooms and lots more besides.

day 4.1 036

I did make a start but there were a few games of connect 4 going on at the same time.  It’s not an arduous task so I’m looking forward to getting back to it later, after the Scout Burns Supper.  Always a joy that event.



I had a cracking bowl of soup for lunch today, even though I say so myself, it was delicious. It was sweet potato, lentil and chilli with a wee touch of smoky paprika.  I even took a photo of it for you.

Smoky sweet potato and lentil soup
smoky sweet potato and lentil soup


Good Ideas

day 4.1 013

My Mum thought that mealtimes were always a surprise to me.  I guess what she meant was that meal planning was not my strong point.  This magnetic pad to go on the fridge is going to change all that. At least it would if I actually opened it and used it. That is my goal for this weekend, I’m going to make it a family task, get organised and shop for the week on Sunday.  Great idea, let’s see if it works.


7 thoughts on “Day Four

  1. Got my mealplanner today – thank you very much Katie – love it! Should prove very handy. Hope your hiccups sort themselves out…x

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