Day Sixty-Two

You may be wondering why there was no post yesterday, well, nothing happened at all here works wise, so no post.

Mark has been here today doing more plumbing bits and bobs, the upstairs loo is back, the sink and shower are in up there too – all we need is a shower screen, some skirting and a door now.

the shower and sink upstairs
the shower and sink upstairs

The next thing to decide is colour, it’s between really bright blue, white or maybe pale grey.  Hmmm  I’ll make my decision soon and get painting…


I’m looking forward to seeing percussion demon F this evening in a school concert. He is not exactly enthusiastic about this performance – it will definitely not be boring with him on the cymbal!


4 thoughts on “Day Sixty-Two

    1. Oh no, we’ve got blue tiles on the floor of the downstairs bathroom. Too late now – I love them and that helps overcome bad feng-shui, that’s what I’m telling myself anyway, x

  1. Our friends just did pale grey, I thought it would be horrid but it is a lovely colour and turned out really nice

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