Red Roses

red roses 014

These are from the garden this morning and they have the most amazing fragrance filling the room.  I am just about to move them to the hall so they last a bit longer.  I don’t need to tell you what red roses mean, we have that ad nauseum at Valentine’s day don’t we.  My Dad thought flowers looked best in the garden so I doubt that he’d approve of me picking these blooms. He definitely loved red roses though, they are what he chose for Mum when we said goodbye to her.  My naughty friend, Jean, presented me with one of the roses pressed in a frame not long afterwards, I treasure it dearly.

even Lennie loves the smell of roses, wish he smelt like them too
even Lennie loves the smell of roses, wish he smelt like them sometimes

Joining in with Lou, week 18 at Little Green Shed. This week’s theme is ‘red’. Little Green Shed


9 thoughts on “Red Roses

  1. Beautiful roses, and what a sweetie Lennie is … if one of the whippets got that close to a vase of flowers I’d know it was about to be knocked over!

  2. Simply beautiful!! Thank you for your lovely comment over at mine (cosmosandcotton). I completely get where you’re coming from with the ikea and gumtree dilemma and I use to have a similar problem many years ago. I’ve now given up on buying new furniture and only buy second hand or antique, but there are definitely times when I have splurged in something new. Gumtree can be very frustrating but equally rewarding. Xoxo

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