31 July 2013

Oh, what a lot I have to tell you, but nothing about the regeneration really, it’s pretty much stopped for the summer bar sorting yet more ‘stuff’.

What feels like ages ago we visited the Dean Gallery to see the Antiques Roadshow  being filmed. The heat was making us melt so we did not hang around long. We did not take anything along thankfully, if you did have something with you it was 2 long queues to wait in, one to see if the item was worth showing to the expert and one for the expert if your item was worthy.  I am sure some waited at least 2 hours to hear, ‘well, I’m sure this has sentimental value but…’.

Loved this image, my Dad admired this installation and was compelled to read it out every single time he saw it.

filming a worthy object at antiques roadshow
filming a worthy object at antiques roadshow

Here’s some more about  Nathan Coley and his works in Edinburgh.

Off to fill up the paddling pool again, how good has this summer’s weather been?

More posts soon, x


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