Day One

Was just looking back at the first few posts, we really have come a long way, it’s easy to forget what has been achieved when you are fretting about what’s still to do.


Well, the day did arrive and so did the builders, or should I say the demolishers?  I had left for work before they arrived so when I got home to an open van full of debris in the drive I couldn’t wait to get in to see what they had been up to.  I was not disappointed.  What a day’s work.

Upstairs had, until today, the original rooms built in the 1930’s.  There was no stud partition used but simply timber and plywood with rough and ready nails through to the other side occasionally.  There was a large room to the front with an old dormer, a toilet (the throne itself had its own disgusting carpet platform) and a small room to the back which my Dad had as his hideaway study.  There was also a wee boilerhoose that was full of stuff.  Another story the boiler, all I’ll say for now is get a CO detector, nothing bad…

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