Katy Perry

Hope you enjoyed that great video. After a big debate, H almost believes that the lyric is not, ‘Eye of the tyre’, don’t think she’ll ever be 100% convinced though.  She absolutely loves this song – it featured in the final of the CBBC show ‘Who Let The Dogs Out?’.  I think she fancies herself on it with one of the Westies, they are not so keen when she tries to get them to do the tricks.

 Regeneration News

Just cut a hole in the carpet, it's coming up anyway.  Floor sanding guy looks in disbelief then asks for a knife.
Just cut a hole in the carpet, it’s coming up anyway. Floor sanding guy looks in disbelief then asks for a knife.
Colour options - LHS no stain then 3 options. What would you choose?
Colour options – LHS no stain then 3 options. What would you choose?

If you’ve been wondering about how the flooring for the hall and the ‘middle’ aka dump room is coming on you can see for yourself, it’s still a work in progress.  No decision made yet.

Have a great weekend x


5 thoughts on “Katy Perry

  1. We sanded our floors last year. A friend recommended we wax them. Using a natural colour. It has lasted so well. Smooth, semi-matt and buttery looking. Previously, we had sanded and stained them dark brown – and after a couple of months the edges of the floorboards were looking scuffed.

    I’d say wax, and leave them natural – more light and doesn’t show the dirt!


    1. Thanks, Lou, it is really getting my head in spin deciding. We had wax a long time ago in our bedroom and it was lovely. I had forgotten all about it! Still 3 weeks til we have to decide. We need to decorate first, your kitchen colour inspired me this morning, sample pots here I come….

  2. Sorry, have been a slack commenter at present time, life is crazy. Now stains are really not something I have ever had experience with before as we have just glossed up the original colour of our timber which is honey in the old part and white/yellow in the new part.
    I quite like the middle and also the far right. Legoman likes second from the right but I wonder if it is a bit orangey. He felt the far right was too greenish. I think dark stains look good but they can be a bugger to keep clean as they show every speck and spot. I also quite like the natural colour but it does make the knots stand out so you have to decide if this is an issue. All in all I apologise for being so wishy washy and dithery and probably have left you more confused than you were previously! mel x

    1. Hi MEL, how are you doing? Tanks for the comments, still deciding, sanding guy popped in yesterday to discuss mixing colours which he obviously did not really want to do. I’ll keep you posted! Nice to hear from you x

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