Martin Stephenson

Well now, it’s been a wee while since I have been in touch, life just keeps on getting in the way and the posts are becoming further apart.  Never mind.

Here’s another blast from the past for you, Martin Stephenson and Crocodile Cryer.  He’s still going strong performing at Glastonbury last year and running guitar weekends, wonder how I know about that…




Talking about music, if you’d like a rundown of influential female artists from the 1970’s onwards read this from The View from the Table, wow, what a post.

Remember this?




The Regeneration 

My next decision is what to do with the front room, I have a test pot of Stifkey Blue and tomorrow it’s going for a try out in both the front  and  the garden room. Blue is a big deal in my world right now, but where to put it and which shade.  Check out my Pinterest – Living Room to see what I have in mind.  We’ll gloss over the fact the shower room still has no flooring down.  It can wait.

Have a good rest of weekend, one and all x


8 thoughts on “Martin Stephenson

  1. Oh my word, that Neneh Cherry song takes me right back! We recently bought a Sonos sound thingy and have spent a lot of happy hours listening to random things like “best of 1994” and generally reliving our teens. x

  2. Just had a look at your pinterest board for lounge – there’s some great inspiration. Love the idea of a deep sultry blue, either as a feature wall or strip of colour, then maybe a feature upholstered chair in blue to tie it all together and create a focal point. Maybe have the rest as a more neutral palette. Maybe add some gold tones like a mirror to add warmth and a glamorous chandelier to add a touch of chic – happy planning :O)

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