Martin Stephenson

Well now, it’s been a wee while since I have been in touch, life just keeps on getting in the way and the posts are becoming further apart.  Never mind.

Here’s another blast from the past for you, Martin Stephenson and Crocodile Cryer.  He’s still going strong performing at Glastonbury last year and running guitar weekends, wonder how I know about that…




Talking about music, if you’d like a rundown of influential female artists from the 1970’s onwards read this from The View from the Table, wow, what a post.

Remember this?




The Regeneration 

My next decision is what to do with the front room, I have a test pot of Stifkey Blue and tomorrow it’s going for a try out in both the front  and  the garden room. Blue is a big deal in my world right now, but where to put it and which shade.  Check out my Pinterest – Living Room to see what I have in mind.  We’ll gloss over the fact the shower room still has no flooring down.  It can wait.

Have a good rest of weekend, one and all x

Libraries Gave Us Power

You’ll get the link in a minute, it was my husband’s idea to include this song, I’m always up for a sing-a-long with the Manics.  Motorcycle Emptiness is the best for singing along to though, you feel that you can get it right, but it is actually impossible.  I digress.

Today I’m singing the praises of the libraries here in Edinburgh .  We are regular visitors and one of my favourite things to do if I’m needing inspiration is to open my Edinburgh Libraries account and make a huge list of books to reserve.  And, as if by magic, they are usually at my local library within a week , pretty efficient if you ask me.  The staff are super helpful too, my only gripe is that they’ve changed the opening hours so it’s harder to nip along in the evenings

The range of kids’ books is amazing for every age and stage not to mention free dvd hire for children and a nominal fee for the others.  Teenboy was introduced to Bill Forsyth’s film Gregory’s Girl last week when I spotted it in the racks, I’m not sure what he thought of it but I absolutely loved seeing it again, it is a classic. If you’ve never seen it then watch it, it’s hilarious. Let me know what you think is the best bit. As some of you know, I can recite copious lines from it if I’m in the mood. (skip to 24 seconds)



Next on my list for teenboy is Local Hero, another Bill Forsyth film



Here’s my most recent pile of reserved books, there are usually a couple of duff books but, hey, that’s ok because it’s free!

free books!
free books

That’s my public information work done for the day.

Wishing you all a great weekend, what’s your all time favourite film?  Recommendations welcome in the comments section. x

ps wouldn’t mind a bit of snow now