A year on…

These were given to me before Christmas, the vivid colour and whiff of perfume is so welcome at this dull time of year.
These were given to me before Christmas, the vivid colour and whiff of perfume is so welcome at this dark and dingy time of the year.

The last tiny steps of the works are still ongoing, today we had all the little bits of plaster that had blown where screws lie underneath filled in.  Now the rooms look a little spotty – I’ll go round with the faithful white paint once they’re sanded.  There’s tidying up outside and a couple of other bits to be done too.  Slow and steady we are getting there (haven’t I said that before a few times) and compared to this time last year the house is a joy. You can refresh your memory here about how I was feeling – One Year Ago and Stuff

My thoughts are turning to the next projects to be done in the bungalow.  There’s the front door to be painted Front Door Colours and the front room to be decorated Living Room Ideas, I am swithering between going dark navy on the walls and my usual white with colourful furniture.  The hall needs something too, I’m looking out for just the right piece, I think that may be a long-term hunt.

The poor old garden needs lots of love and thought. After a happy hour or so faffing around out there this morning, snipping a few shrubs and snowdrop spotting made me realise that it got little attention last year.  Flowers are a priority and sorting the paving when you first go out either the back door or the side door.  “There’s always something” as my Mum always said. She was so right.

How can it be Friday again?  This working four days is not good for my blog post rate (I’ve only done two weeks so far).  It’s interesting though that I feel a lot more productive and efficient at home despite doing the day job too.  Maybe there’s a different gear for work that helps at home too, so far so good. Ask me again at Easter!

Time to wish you a splendid weekend, no matter how skint you are waiting for the end of the longest ever month! xx

(or is it just me?)


4 December 2013

walked through the Dean Gallery today - this was looking good against the Edinburgh skyline
walked through the Dean Gallery today – this was looking good against the December Edinburgh skyline
the middle room on sunday, if only we had not possessions
the middle room on sunday, if only we had no possessions

Just a quick post this evening to show you something that always catches my eye and to show you how the middle room is coming on.  I’m sitting at that desk right now and it is looking pretty much the same.  The room seems so big and so calm now, selective restocking of the shelves is required this weekend.  But what will we do with everything else?  There’s no radiator in here at the moment so it’s bloomin’ cold – sitting with my coat and boots on.  Brrrr.

More information about the installation at the Dean Gallery is here.  It is a favourite of mine.

The Hall part 2


So, there you have it, the final colour choice for the hall was the dark one.  All day at work on Thursday I was worried that I had made a dreadful decision and that I would get home to something I could not live with. Gladly, that was not the case but I do kind of wish I had a shinier finish than this very matt one which only has 5% sheen. As you can see, it really catches the light none the less.  Out of all the decisions, this is the one I have agonised over the most, thanks to everyone who listened, you’ll be glad it’s done too, I will stop going on about it, I promise.  C and I have spent far too long analysing the floor and whether it has a pinkish hue in the artificial light of the evening.  Now we need to get real, look forward to it looking a little less new; with our gang that won’t take long.  Once the woodwork is painted it will look amazing, it spoils it having yellowy skirting at the moment but, we’ll get there. (one day)

We have started putting the study/music room back together and so far, so good. The skirting has been done to the best of my ability, not sure how I kept managing to paint the floor too. Luckily it wiped right off, phew.

(Nearly)Birthday Girl’s Party

I thought you might like a wee peek at the scene before H’s guests arrived for her party, the back room looked great with the bunting and balloons, not sure if you can make out the ‘Happy Birthday’ on the window above the table.  That feeling of anticipation before the event is brilliant, isn’t it.

The Garden Room pre 6 year olds
The Garden Room – before the 6 year olds took over

Kiss the Fish came along with decopatch creatures to be decorated with lots of brilliant choices of paper, check out the before and after shots.  Everyone loved doing the painting and sticking, the googly eyes and glitter are always the highlight of the decoration process.  Sadly, Kiss the Fish does not have a studio any more but they pop up at craft fairs and lots of other events round Edinburgh and I would highly recommend the party, Rhona has it down to a fine art, excuse the pun.

All ready for decoration, they love choosing who they will decorate
All ready for decoration, they love choosing who they will decorate
all done, eyes and sparkle applied
all done, ready to be varnished

Well, that’s another weekend gone. December is here and the countdown to the Festive season is upon us again.  Not long until the decorations are up and the house feels extra special.  We’ve only spotted one tree up so far, bet that will change over the next few days, let the sparkly season commence, yay! x