White Roses

There is a rose bed at the back left of the garden, many of the roses were gifted to my parents for anniversaries and so on.   Nature in the Home’s theme is ‘white’ this week and these are the only white flowers in the garden right now.  This stem and flowers were on the ground, the weight of the flowers after the rain was too much for the spindly stem by the looks of it.

rose 014

Rose colours often have symbolic associations, white roses  are for purity, innocence, peace, reverence and humility. I feel sure there must be  a song out there about white roses, anybody know it?

Joining in with Lou at Little Green Shed week 17.


ppeony 010

Joining in with Lou at Little Green Shed Nature in the Home week 15.  Happy 1000th post to Lou and her fabulous blog, I look forward to reading the next 1000 posts.

We were asked to give you our favourite plant.  The colour and textures of Peony Roses, as I know them, are amazingly beautiful from that tight little ball when they are first noticeable on the plant until they puff and finally dissolve.  This one is from the garden just now and is really on its way out.  This is my favourite flower from the garden at the moment, there are others up there on my list at different times of the year.

ppeony 001

The works – remember them?  Well, the bedroom carpets are due tomorrow and the painter is lined up to do the last few bits soon.  I may even have some properly habitable rooms very soon.  Then comes putting the place back together.  as my Mum used to say,  ‘There’s always something.’