Our Old House

As I might have mentioned, I’m on floors at the moment.  The old house had wooden floors, the colour was great and they stood up well to everything we threw at it, often literally with all three of the children being little there.  The whole ground floor was done at once as the last stage of the renovation, it finished the place off so well. The house had four rooms, a bathroom (in pink and black) and a kitchen when we moved in. We added two bedrooms and a shower room upstairs and bashed a few walls about downstairs to end up with a brilliant kitchen diner leading straight out to decking and a fab garden.  We probably would have put a room on the back had we stayed, we had good times there, the decision to move to the bungalow once Dad died was a tough one but we made the right choice, definitely.

At the weekend I was looking back through the images used for selling the house, to remind myself the look of the old floors.  I realised you may like to see them too, have a look. I do have to admit this was the day the house looked its best ever.


I love white houses, it just wouldn't work on the new place at all,
I love white houses, it just wouldn’t work on the new place at all, shame
you can see the colour well here, that is it after about 8 years
you can see the floor colour well here, that is it after about 8 years, it did pretty well
the front bedroom upstairs
the front bedroom upstairs
my beloved old kitchen
my beloved old kitchen- it was the best – especially the way it opened onto the deck,  I really miss that here.

The Regeneration

The next stage here is well underway, we cleared the middle messy pit of a room and, since it’s now empty, the decision is whether to just go for it and redecorate it before the floors are done.  I’m for white in there, what a surprise, and C really fancies some wallpaper. Although I like a bit of white, I saw a great blue colour today that could work, the sample’s reserved to be picked up asap.  One thing that is for sure, we’ll get rid of the light fitting, photos to come of that soon.  This is the room that C has allocated as ‘his’ and he is thinking that a new Gibson ES-339 would be the perfect accessory for it.  There’s a lot of chatting to do I fear.  I’ll keep you posted.

18 October 2013


Yesterday we had lots of the tiny little things that have been bugging me sorted.  The shutters now look ‘right’ and they do not swing out at all, the windows have handles on every one and they are the right way round, the picture rail is sorted in the hall and the door handle in my bedroom no longer falls off every time I close the door.  Isn’t it funny how getting little jobs done can make your week.  The doorbell still needs fixed so we actually know when someone is at the door, luckily Lennie is a good doorbell substitute – he barks every time the front gate goes. It feels so good to have got here, pretty much  finished.  The man from the council is coming next week, fingers crossed for that one.  Hope Lennie does not put him off!

Lennie finds some interesting reading
Lennie finds some interesting reading

Almond Tea

Anteaques is a fabulous tea shop cum antique shop here in Edinburgh.  They have the most amazing range of tea and I am loving the almond tea right now.  The first taste of the almond tea was when my husband chose it in Peter’s Yard after we had been up at the festival watching a BBC live broadcast, we needed something to cheer us up, it was challenging to say the least!  If you’ve not been to Peter’s Yard, you must go, the pizzas in the Stockbridge one are amazing and the range of pastries and bakes is unusual and so, so appetising.  I digress, if you have time head on up the bridges and find Anteaques, it is near the Queen’s Hall and Festival Theatre on Clerk Street.  They sell all their teas to take away and serve super scones and teas in amongst the antiques for sale.  What a brilliant combination it is. Check out their website Anteaques for more information.

9 September 2013

the pad is filled in this week, that's 5 less things to think about
the pad is filled in this week, that’s 5 less things to think about

This is the week I’m going to get the show back on the road with the regeneration and get organised with, well, everything.  The running around to find the right sock will always happen, that’s for sure but I need to give myself more of a chance of finding it quickly. Organisation is going to be my new best friend, it will give me peace of mind and some of my time back.

Apple Picking

hand picked apple heart by Miss K
hand picked apple heart by Miss K

Yesterday was a funny old day, the thing that made me smile was this gorgeous arrangement that my niece did using apples she had caught from the tree using her Bapa’s apple picking equipment. H and K spent ages with it, perfecting their technique and making my sister and me laugh and laugh.  It’s a stick, with a net basically.

Bapa's apple picker
Bapa’s apple picker


Instagram is just brilliant fun, isn’t it.  I like the feeling of taking a quick snap and making it better by using the effects, in a matter of moments.  It reminds me of the Polaroid camera I had many moons ago, but better, you had to take what you got with the instant print that popped out of the camera.  The pictures today are all Instagram ones.

Yes, I am still loving the wallpaper.