Sunday 9 February 2014

From the bottom of the stairs at about 10.30am today looking through to the study, sun shining in, just lovely

Today’s been a day for trying out some furniture in different places.  The hall is so spacious and airy I am determined to find the right thing on the wall that faces you when you first come in.  This little desk is far too small and the cupboard below is far too brown and solid.

Tried this piece in the hall, too brown.
Tried this piece in the hall, too brown.

The love seat by Ercol is what I have fancied for ages, I saw the blue graded version on the South Bank in London a while back and since then I have been smitten.  Sometimes I think the white would look amazing and other times it’s the natural one though John Lewis have a slightly different version that is also on the list which is pretty handsome too.

Ercol love seat
John Lewis Chiltern Bench

The only thing with these seats is I’d not be able to put flowers on it but I suppose there will always be a table or suchlike in the hall somewhere.  I needn’t worry too much, the benches don’t come cheap so it’s unlikely there will be one there for a while.  I’ll keep on trying random items that I already have for now.

Another part of the house that needs a bit of love is the front room.  The Morris & Co wallpaper is a bit tired and the matching, more colourful curtains have seen better days too.  There is a bit of a gold/beige/brown thing going on which would not be my choice.  So, the next major step is changing the walls, the curtains and hopefully changing the marble fire surround and gas fire to a wood burning stove.  The mantlepiece is original so it would probably stay though it is, of course, brown.  Lots of ideas are buzzing about what to go for on the walls, there’s the usual white, navy blue or maybe even a dark grey.  The dark colours would help zone in the brown furniture in there and make it really cosy, it gets plenty of light so I doubt it would be gloomy.  I have developed a bit of a Pinterest habit lately, you can see some of my ideas there.  I like the idea of the front room being a bit different to the rest of the house, more traditional and definitely cosy.  There is a bit of me that likes that it has not been done, whenever I go in there it feels like I am ‘going home’ that way you feel when you visit your parents’ house and it is reassuringly the same as ever.

Corner in the front room, I moved the desk from the hall, not a big fan of the jug and bowl but it will be fine there for a while
above the fireplace this caught my eye when I was taking the previous shot, the clock is staying in the front room for now

Sunday night, doing this post has helped alleviate the blues actually, thanks for reading, I’m glad you keep on popping in, have a good week, x

Think I’m going to change the theme again, watch this space…


4 December 2013

walked through the Dean Gallery today - this was looking good against the Edinburgh skyline
walked through the Dean Gallery today – this was looking good against the December Edinburgh skyline
the middle room on sunday, if only we had not possessions
the middle room on sunday, if only we had no possessions

Just a quick post this evening to show you something that always catches my eye and to show you how the middle room is coming on.  I’m sitting at that desk right now and it is looking pretty much the same.  The room seems so big and so calm now, selective restocking of the shelves is required this weekend.  But what will we do with everything else?  There’s no radiator in here at the moment so it’s bloomin’ cold – sitting with my coat and boots on.  Brrrr.

More information about the installation at the Dean Gallery is here.  It is a favourite of mine.

Pavillion Gray

The chosen one
The chosen one – woodwork has not been done yet, obviously

Well, here’s the new colour in the middle room, after literally hours of staring at the different coloured samples on the wall, and discussion,  C chose this one.  Our lovely F hates it ‘more than white’, but what does he know, soon he’ll only see the desk and the computer in there.  This colour is from good old Farrow and Ball, it has the usual ability to look different dependant on how the light is hitting the room.

Most of the room was painted on Monday but, being this time of year, I had not actually seen it in the daylight until I got home from work today.  The final cutting in at the cornice was done today and I must say that I am quite proud of my work.  Sure, there’ll be a bit more finishing off to do tomorrow, up the ladder. Then it’s action stations on the hall.  By Monday it will be painted, all we have to do is decide on the colour…..simple.  It definitely won’t be red as F suggested, that’s for sure.