Day Seven

goldstarA gold star goes to Sister Agnes who got yesterday’s wire puzzle correct. The random wires are for a heat sensor and, no, I cannot have it in a less obvious place.

Well, there was a lot of activity here again today with about 7 or 8 bodies on the job at one point, maybe more. Some of the steels are in and lots more invisible work has gone on with plumbing, electrics and joinery. I spent a while at another bathroom supplier today and the heat is on to get at least the bathroom sanitary ware organised.  I’ve got a lovely big pile of catalogues to go through tonight. It is hard when you know what you don’t want but cannot see what you do want.

The first of tomorrow’s jobs is getting the front bedroom ready for H to move in with F.  Wonder how that will go! We have got a plan B.

The current bathroom is where the new stairs are going.  The new bathroom is going into H’s bedroom.  It used to be the bathroom years ago so all the drainage and water supplies are there already.  Moving all of H’s things out of her room is my other job.  It is such a shame to get rid of H’s lovely wallpaper, it is the only room we have actually decorated so far.  I will be sure to get a photo tomorrow for you.   Maybe we’ll just keep the wallpaper for the bathroom.  It’s called ‘What a Hoot’ by Harlequin in case you’re wondering.

what a hoot

Other Stuff

Life sometimes throws some pretty tough days at you.  Please have a thought or prayer for JB  who had a major op today and is still in Intensive Care.  He is 13 and his family have been friends since L was 3. His wee brother is one of F’s best friends.  Thanks x

Makes any of my worries about the house seem so trivial.


3 thoughts on “Day Seven

  1. Yippee – never had a gold star before! Love the paper Hannah had – so cute. We will add Louis’ friend to our prayer list. A xx

  2. I never commented last night as couldn’t think what the wires would be for. I really look forward each day to reading your posts. I can now imagine where your stairs will be. I think the owls would look good in the bathroom. Thinking of JB. K x

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