Day Eight

Lots of activity today once the crew could actually get in, the contractor had to phone to check I was in because someone had disconnected the bell.  Our bell is the loudest in Edinburgh, as some of you know, so I am not tuned in to gentle knocking on the front door especially when I’m going through the teeth, bag, gym kit routine.  They got in and got on.

from the top of the stairs day 8. new uprights in.
from the top of the stairs today, new uprights in




We no longer have a bathroom. Today the bathroom has gone from this….

bathroom just about before
bathroom just about before

to this..

just the loo left
just the loo left




This bathroom cabinet is the best ever, you can see the back of your hair and it has the most flattering light.  It’s great for doing your face in too.  It should be going in the skip since it is beginning to fall to bits but I am very tempted to keep it.  I know what my husband will say.

the fantastic schock bathroom cabinet

H’s room is clear now,  it was the perfect little room for a preschooler.  She’s a big schoolgirl now. Time to move on, I’ll miss how cosy it is.

tidiest it's ever been
tidiest it’s ever been





This is the newly shared room, I guess I won’t see it as neat as this again.  I wonder how long they will last sharing in harmony. Is that really cynical?  They actually get on pretty well most of the time.  Fingers crossed that they love sharing.

finlay's side
Finlay’s side
hannah's side
Hannah’s side




Other Stuff

So, after another day emptying, moving and sorting what better way to unwind than having  nearly banoffee pancakes for pudding?   We have run out of jam, honey, maple syrup and nutella so this is what we had on our pancakes tonight.  It is a View from the Table kind of ingredient – I wonder if Sarah has ever used it on pancakes.  It is delicious, we sliced banana on top then rolled them up.  Sadly, the banoffee pancakes were eaten before the camera came out so here is the jar instead.  Yum

dulce de leche
dulce de leche

Any other pancake topping ideas greatly received ready for pancake day next Tuesday.

JB is doing well. Thanks for the comments.


3 thoughts on “Day Eight

  1. Hope h and f are enjoying thir first night can’t wait to see Hannah’s room become a bathroom. Looking forward to pancake day too k x

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