hatch detail
hatch detail

We have a little hatch from the kitchen to the dining room (or dumping room at the moment).  At the moment we have the cover up to prevent having to look at the room that really looks like it belongs to someone with a hoarding problem like you sometimes see on the tele… I do like to keep bits and bobs but I do love a clear space too.  It is better just not to look at the moment. Anyway, on the top of the hatch there is a wee ledge that has turned into a magnet for interesting items belonging to the children mostly.  I love the way it has just kind of happened since we’ve been here, it helps makes it our place.



off on a trip
off they go

Earlier on I was doing a bit of gardening – that actually means me trimming, pruning and butchering things that have got too big out there.  Back to that in a minute.  From the garden I spotted the dolls’ house car off on a journey, thought you might like to see it too.  JH, they all love that spineroo chair, thanks so much.




Campie Time

frame held together with a bobble.
frame held together with a bobble.

So, gardening, I trimmed some long very straight branches from a nameless plant in the garden.  We all love a campie in our house.  A campie is when you make a den or little hideaway using sheets, pillows and usually some furniture and, of course, clothes pegs.  This is a new development on that theme, a tepee.  We used the long twigs to make a frame and covered it in a favourite campie bedspread and there we have it, a tepee.  It’s pretty small so really only H can fit in, even better she thinks.

look closely, H is showing you a picture
look closely, H is showing you a picture




Saturday Tune

Here’s your music for today, inspired by the drive home last night.  The menu  incidentally said the dosa was made from rice and lentil flour.  Interesting because I have made them with gram flour in the past.  The dosa was fantastic, by the way, I’d forgotten how huge they can be, it must  have been about 65cm long when it came out all rolled up.  I digress.

The music in my car last night was Suede. Brilliant surprise, my husband had left the singles CD in the player and I’ve not heard it for so, so long..  It was between this and ‘She’s in Fashion’ for singalongability.  Happy singing, hope nobody saw me singing my heart out down The Mound last night.



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