Day Nineteen

Four weeks done and boy can you see a difference.  Here are the highlights today:-

The back dormer has been prepped and the back section where the alarm was holding everything up is all sorted.

Loads of slates have been taken off at the back ready for the dormer to go in.

Still more invisible electrical work and plumbing done.  Some not so invisible like the 6 holes with wire tentacles coming out of them in the new bathroom.

We have bath taps, the children are looking forward to having a bath in a bedroom, as they see it.

The space where the stair used to be is nowhere to be seen any more.

There was another huge load of insulation on the drive today along with other bits and bobs.  The upstairs seems to be shrinking at the moment.

Have a look for yourself.

day 19 002

Lennie surveying his patch
Lennie surveying his patch
small room's window has gone
small room’s window has gone
front to back today
front to back today
to front window today
to front window today
insulation making its own way upstairs
insulation making its own way upstairs

The Dogs – being photogenic

Lucy mid stretch
Lucy mid stretch
Lennie looking out for squirrels
Lennie looking out for squirrels

I’m very excited about going out for tea with a pal of mine for dosa masala, a fantastic Southern Indian dish which has a gram flour pancake filled with spicy potatoes and is served with 2 or 3 different sauces (for want of another  word).  I acquired a serious taste for dosa when I lived in Malaysia.  Well worth braving the cold for.

Have a fabulous weekend x

3 thoughts on “Day Nineteen

  1. I love the way you are always so cheerful in your blogs, when it’s freezing outside and chaotic inside. Enjoy your dosa masala – I remember them when I was in India. Looking forward to hearing next weeks adventures. Have a good weekend too – more visits to Lucca. Soo jealous xx

  2. Such a change, and the doggies are very cute! Dosa’s are delicious we have several restaurants in SF that do that style, I hope you enjoyed your evening!

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