Day Twenty-Two

day 22 021
painting back dormer
day 22 026
yes, he is dancing on the front dormer
back dormer all finished
back dormer all finished
the velux windows are here
the velux windows are here
Now you’ve seen what has happened today, all outside action.  The dormers are finished except for the actual windows that is, they won’t be long.  The Velux windows are going in tomorrow, one in each of the front bedrooms, one for the bathroom and one above the stairs.  The stairs are being made right now too, at the other side of Edinburgh, near Ikea, if you’d like to know.

 Other Stuff

Little Green Shed is a blog I am sure to read every time there is a new post.  Here’s the link –  I am delighted to have joined the ‘nature in the home’ series on the blog, it is exciting to be able to add a tiny part to such an inspiring blog.   Here is today’s contribution.

tiny daffodil
tiny daffodil

The pot of daffodils is from last year.  I left the pot at the back door with the intention of planting the bulbs outside at some point. They never did get planted and now here the little daffies are on my windowsill again, cheering the place up, for a second year.  Just as well they never made it into the earth outside, maybe this year when the flowers have all gone.


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