Day Twenty-Three

We have beautiful light upstairs now that 2 of the 4 Velux windows have been installed.  We’ve gone for white for a change from the standard issue pine ones.  They look great and make the works feel that bit further forward.

inside view of rooflights
inside view of rooflights
outside viewand, no, I did not take this one
outside view
and, no, I did not take this one
dormers look like they've always been there
dormers look like they’ve always been there

There are lots of things to consider when a project like this is on your hands, not least how it will look to the neighbours and the impact on them while the work is being done.  I think we are doing well, from both counts.  There are the vans but otherwise very little impact to mention, apart from escaping old insulation early on.  After a beautiful, sunny walk home from town today I approached the bungalow from down the hill.   I realised that the house had a new silhouette and I am so pleased to report that the dormers look absolutely ‘right’  from the street.  Here’s hoping the neighbours agree.

Here’s a new view from the RHS window, we’ve never had this view from the bungalow before.  I love the hills in the distance.

a new view from the bungalow
the new view from the bungalow



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