The Smiths


The Smiths are a big deal in the bungalow.  They are a constant point of reference for us and quotes were used from them at our wedding. Morrissey is my husband’s musical hero and I have been (dragged) to see him several times. The best bit is always watching the diehards ripping his shirt to bits when he throws it into the crowd. I did put a rose on his car once in Perth when we were waiting for him to leave the building. Very intimate that performance in the Perth City Hall.

Anyway, follow these instructions from the man himself (husband not the Moz), can you see him? Look for his auburn locks.

Freeze at 0.51 and I am centre screen just below Morrissey’s left arm. The clip is from April 1987 on the Tube in Newcastle and this was the last time EVER that the Smiths performed live.

I have no idea how he came across this clip, I think I have spotted  him in the mosh . Pretty cool eh!


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