Day Twenty-Four

That’s five weeks down now, 4 new windows and 2 completed dormers this week.  We’re going to add an extra Velux window above the new stairs too next week.  The stairs are ordered and so are the windows for the dormer.  Progress indeed.

front to back view today
front to back view today

It feels like things are coming together, the perimeter of the upstairs will start to be boarded up next week.  Guessing the upstairs will shrink even more then.   It is hard to explain, but when you’re actually up there is does not feel big enough to have 3 bedrooms and a bathroom.  Once the space is more defined then it will be amazing to see the rooms develop and become more tangible.

back to front window today
back to front window today

We are coping fine with just a bath and toilet bathroom, best not to think about hand washing after the toilet where the children are concerned.  Wonder when the shower and screen will arrive.

The sun is shining on Edinburgh right now.  Long may it shine on you too.  Have a great weekend. x




2 thoughts on “Day Twenty-Four

  1. Katy – it is looking great. You seem to have a great set of builders, pity I can’t extend mine anymore he he x

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