Day Fifty

painting my bedroom wall
painting my bedroom wall

The big excitement this weekend (apart from our many visitors on Friday) was painting the first new room.  F, H and I got all ready with our rollers and groovy get ups and up those stairs we went.  F mastered the Gangnam style roller method which involved doing ‘the’ dance while moving the roller in time with the dance. Can you see that?  H was very methodical and actually did a reasonable job of quite a large area with the best staying power of the children.  L breezed in once the painting had been going a while, he swept the roller over a few random bits of wall then disappeared. Interesting to analyse their approach to the task.  I just kept on cutting in and then rolling, there are 2 coats on now but we need a third and a wee caulk round the skirting board.  The ceiling is horrible to do, I usually get C to do that.  He was away doing the Berlin half marathon this weekend so I had to persevere and simply do it myself.   I think the painter might be doing the stairwell, I’m not sure if I’m up to the job…… must get a quote.  C did well again with his run, 1 hour 50 mins and 17 seconds.  He’s home now and enjoying numerous cups of tea to make up for those he missed over the weekend.

I got a bit nervous today as I had nobody here first thing, there had been a hold up so ‘business as usual’ resumed after the school drop off.  More skirting boards have gone in and other bits and bobs.  The tiler is due tomorrow and the second bath is at the wholesalers waiting for the taps to come in, so hopefully by the end of the week we may even be able to have a shower.  We have had a small lavvy pan issue but it is to be resolved tomorrow, phew, canny have the wrong one!  The floor tiles have turned up and they are brilliant, I’ll show you once they’re installed.  I am very pleased with them.


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