Garden 23 May 2013

rhododendron or azalea
finally some flowers on the Rowan planted for my Mum
finally some flowers on the Rowan planted for my Mum
blowing in the wind, lots of bells, not sure what these are
blowing in the wind, lots of bells, not sure what these are
the last few batchelor's buttons
the last few bachelor’s buttons
apple blossom
apple blossom
some type of hellebore?
some type of hellebore?
pretty pansies
pretty pansies
rhubarb - promise you'll get some this year, Saran
rhubarb – promise you’ll get some this year, Saran
the magnolia did flower despite my serious prune last year
the magnolia did flower despite my serious prune last year

Joining in with Mammasaurus How does your garden grow? part 3.


27 thoughts on “Garden 23 May 2013

  1. Oh I love these pictures, my Rhubarb seems to have died, I only got a few stalks last year and this year practically nothing. I love your Magnolia, mine is just about to open too 🙂

    1. The rhubarb is so easy to grow once it is established, have to thank my Dad for that one, he planted it, all I do is pull it and eat it! good luck with it, definitely worth a go, xx

  2. Looks fab! What beautiful plants 🙂 Have really enjoyed looking round your blog and got all excited about another Edinburgh blog – we have a bungalow too but like yours ours was built in the 30s with an upstairs so are they still technically bungalows? I never know! Wish we were making progress at the same rate as you but sadly not for now. Really enjoying gathering inspiration though – your place is looking beautiful and what a gorgeous front aspect. x

    1. Good to meet you too and thanks for popping over and looking round. I always think they are bungalows, is you upstairs a floored attic or proper rooms? Ours was kind of somewhere in between. Sure someone must know for sure if they count as bungalows. Katie x

  3. Wow you have some gorgeous things growing in your garden. Delighted to meet your blog – inspirational stuff here for a fellow Edinburgh bungalow owner although you are further down the road than us with your changes. These houses are great, so rewarding and fab amounts of space. I’ll be reading with interest and cheering you on :))

  4. sorry…! insy winsy shower room / WC. We decorated daughter’s room up there last yr and it took forever with mending lath and plaster (sp?) walls which we eventually decided on covering with lining paper as replastering was out of the budget. It’s come good now. Desperate for carpets up there, at present the house is ALL floorboards apart from the weeny bedroom. Super noisy and draughty and not great on the joints.. saving up! x

    1. We did discuss wooden floors upstairs and decided that the noise would be bad, F is not light footed at the best of times, he belts up and down those stairs in clumpy school shoes and makes a right racket. Looking forward to getting our carpets too x

  5. Pansy power! Such pretty photographs, I too admit I’m a stickler for rhubarb. The rowan flowers are really very pretty aren’t they?

    Thanks for joining in, I’m loving the photos this week such variety.

  6. They look like Hellebore argutifolius, I have them in my garden, they’re almost a lime green, beautiful flowers. Just found your blog via Mammasaurus’ linky which I’ve also linked to.

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