Day Seventy-Five (sort of)

The blog is back, we have had a very sickly household since last Monday, everyone apart from the hardy F has been bed bound for at least a day, if not two, with a really nasty bug.  Horrible, I felt like my body was stuck to the bed on Saturday and I missed the best day of the year into the bargain.  I am feeling loads better since about 10am this morning, in case you’re wondering.  Even C was stuck to his bed on Thursday, that is most unusual.

Onwards now,  the regeneration has really, really slowed down at the moment and it is becoming frustrating trying to get the last wee bits done.  The carpets are not in yet – should be soon. I have finished painting the pegs for the upstairs bathroom and the velux blinds are here and keeping the bedrooms dark.  It gets dark at about 10pm at the moment and gets light about 3am (noticed when I was up in the night on Friday night/sat morn, enough said).  It is hard for the kids to get to sleep so the blackouts are brilliant. F has a red one but I got a bit carried away taking pics of the clouds so you cannot actually see the colour of the blind.  H’s is the most sunny yellow, it’s very jolly.

very pleased with these
very pleased with these
H's sunny blind
H’s sunny blind
soon these will prevent towels and clothes on the bathroom floor.  yeah, right
soon these will prevent towels and clothes on the bathroom floor. yeah, right

That’s me checked back in, I missed my blogging.  I’ll be back soon x


2 thoughts on “Day Seventy-Five (sort of)

  1. Love the blinds in those bright happy colours. Cannot imagine the sunlight lasting that long, our winter days are only about two hours shorter than summer this close to the tropics, even in high summer it is dark by 730pm. mel x

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