My eldest is fourteen today, my husband was convinced he would come in September even though his due date was 12 October. He did, but only just, with about an hour to spare.

What a lot has happened in these 14 years.  Two more little cherubs have joined our family not to mention 2 fish, 2 guineas and, most recently, 2 dogs.  We  made a bold move to Edinburgh and another move since then under sad circumstances.  We have visited numerous places and had highs and lows.

I’m not sure that I had a fixed idea about how motherhood and family life would be but there is one thing for sure, ” there’s always something”.  That’s one of my Mum’s sayings , it usually came with an exasperated intonation.  It’s so sad she and my Dad are not here to see their first grandchild turning into a super young man.

The cake for today was a bit tragic.  No way I’m showing you it but it tasted great and had lots and lots of candles round it to detract from its poor presentation.  Teenboy was far more interested in FIFA 14 than how his cake looked, phew.


8 thoughts on “Fourteen

  1. Katie my dear – what a lovely piece. I cannot believe Louis is 14… It seems like just yesterday I was in your Reading home peering in the pram and thinking, cor Katie is a mama…
    Wish I was in Scotland to come round and give you a big hug as I’m reading you between the lines…

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