26 September 2013

Glad you’re still here reading, I know it’s been a while.  Life seems to have been on fast mode lately, I’ve hardly had time to stop and smell the roses let alone take photos of them.

The Regeneration is very frustrating, all those little thing that need done are still there and now it is getting colder again they really need sorted.  The windows need handles and the heating has ‘issues’, the ensuite needs to be painted (that’s my job) and some flooring.  I just won’t mention the mess AGAIN or the doorbell that no longer rings…

Something that I am glad to show you is the legendary dresser, back in one piece after about 20 years, the men worked round it the whole build and it finally made its way down the stairs some time ago.  A paint job is needed, but I am seriously chuffed that I kept it much to everyone’s disdain, my sister excepted.

the dresser as one, not sure about the pelmet bit
the dresser as one, not sure about the pelmet bit

Another minor development is this little spot outside the garden room. Clearing all the weeds and sorting it all out took me ages the other weekend, I’ve not quite managed to sit there soaking up the Autumn sun with a cuppa and a cake yet but there’s still time.

bistro spot
bistro spot

Other Stuff

This fine specimen was spotted at the school where F does drama lessons at the weekend, the building is straight out of Harry Potter though it’s not the school that is reputed to have inspired Ms Rowling.  I couldn’t resist him.


We’ve had a birthday in the bungalow and here’s the cake, it’s really not great but my ‘minecraft boy’ did the face himself and he loved it.  There was a lot of fuss about who got the precious black bits, eugh.

a creeper - apparently they go around saying sssssss
a creeper – apparently they go around saying sssssss

Since the discovery of Instagram,  my SLR has been rather redundant. I wonder if  the novelty will wear off once the light changes and winter is with us.  Do you still carry a camera and use your phone I wonder?  My October plan is to get my trusty old Canon out with the 50mm lens and get snapping.

Finally,  this came through the door today with Elle Decoration, I am reliably informed that it is only 90 days to go. That’s a thought…



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