Two Years On

Wow, how did that happen?  It is now two years since the regeneration works and my blog began and both have slowed right down now. I will still be posting when there is something to say and when the mood takes me. There are still lots of things to do here, will the house ever be done? Of course not.

From what I can make out from my limited knowledge and experience, blogging is playing second fiddle to both  Instagram and Pinterest both of which take up more of my time than I care to admit.  I’d love to have you following me on Instagram, just follow the link and make a friend request. For some reason I just cannot get the Pinterest link to work so look for me under bungalowblogger and let me know how you get on.

Here’s the obligatory photograph – I’ve cheated because it is from last year – the flowers are out again already.  I swear the tree was bare one day and full of yellow blooms the next. Even teenboy senior was impressed!

Witch hazel flower
Witch hazel flower

ps, looks like I have managed to get a Pinterest link sorted, click on the little folder symbol at the top left of the page.

update – no I have not sorted the link, tried and tried but to no success. Boo


2 thoughts on “Two Years On

  1. Can’t believe it has been two years – wow. Need to suss out blogging and get myself sorted before our work starts. It is great being able to look back at yours:)

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