Looking Back

I have changed the look of the blog again, it is so tempting with so many options to keep trying out something new. I’ve gone back to ‘Regeneration’ too, I cannot give any reason for that, I just did!

While I was faffing about I found myself reading the post from two years ago today.  I thought you might like to remind yourself how this place looked when it was being taken to bits.  31 January 2013

I really MUST do a few before and after shots for you, having looked back I realise I never really did them properly.

Lastly here’s a song for the rest of the weekend, my daughter and I have it on every time we get in the car.  If you get the chance go see them live, they are brilliant, we saw them a couple of weeks ago at the Usher Hall.  (We think the blonde one looks very like our eldest niece sometimes)

Have good rest of the weekend and ‘keep on keeping on’ as First Aid Kit would say (or sing).




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