Day Seventy-Six

It’s back where it started from, the late 80s bathroom cabinet started out almost exactly where it is now in a grey and pink bathroom, now it is gracing our 21st century version, and I am so glad we saved it.  It’s  a wee bit worse for wear and needs new light strips but I love it.

'back to where I came from..'

‘back to where I came from..’

Here’s a link to the post about the bathroom going back on day 8.  We have come a long way since then.  The bathroom day 8, do have a look,x


6 thoughts on “Day Seventy-Six

  1. Well done on saving the cabinet looks fab in the new bathroom – what a transformation K x

  2. Always loved that cabinet & remember the builders put it so high your Mum couldn’t see herself in it. It was great for your Dad though!

  3. Glad it’s back too! It’s seen many a face change and will see your family grow up too!

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