Day Twenty-Eight

What a miserable day, we have had such a good run weather wise that it’s a shock to the system when it’s grey, damp and misty all day long.  I felt for the roofers today when the final Velux was going in, must have been grim up there.  The extra skylight makes such a difference, the photo does not do it any justice.  Even on a day like today the light was flooding in to where the stairs will be.  My little bookshelf is looking good and is being used as a tool store just to check that it works.

above the stairs, pair of velux now.
above the stairs, pair of velux now.
my little shelf -being used for tools at the moment
my little shelf being used for tools at the moment
front to back
front to back – stairs go where the ladder is
back to front
back to front

Ryan has been stripping the wonderful bird wallpaper off today. I thought we had a sauna in the house at one point there was so much steam.  He was chuffed to find a note from a previous owner, he was not to know it was from my Dad.  What a lovely surprise to hear from him (in a manner of speaking).  I’ll be adding to this very soon, ‘reinstated 2013’.

on the bathroom wall
on the bathroom wall

Other Stuff – Today’s Findings

The very last place that had not been emptied needed to be cleared out today. The dining room cupboard.  A pipe has to go down the back of it from upstairs.  In there I have found some more interesting objects not to mention enough Edinburgh Crystal to open a shop.  Here are my ‘must keep’ favourites.

I love this, it'll be going on the wall somewhere when the works are done
I love this, it’ll be going on the wall somewhere when the works are done
Royal Albert Elfin  teaset
Royal Albert Elfin teaset
for Sister Agnes
for Sister Agnes
anyone know what the significance of this cheese beano replica is about?
anyone know  the significance of this cheese beano replica?


Make sure you have a look at the cherry blossom on my other post today.  Dad loved recounting its latin name, Prunus Autumnalis Rosea.  He said it so much I know it too.  Must teach it to my children. winter flowering cherry


6 thoughts on “Day Twenty-Eight

  1. I think the cheese beano was from either uncle Peter or Derek.. That stag plate.. Was it from G and G Purves’ house?? The wall note from dad brought a tear as it shows I am so glad the house is now yours and finding things like the wall graffiti means more to us than anyone else x

  2. Thanks Katie – all our MCC mugs were Rosen when the cupboard fell of the wall, so we are really pleased to get that one. Your Mum loved the winter flowering cherry – a breath of spring in these cold damp days. A xx

  3. The old vicar says the cheese beano wasn’t him. The note brought a tear to us too – we miss them both so much xx

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