Day Thirty-Six

back to front
back to front
front rhs room to back
front rhs room to back

Did you spot today’s news?  We have walls and ceilings!  They are looking good and the plasterers are due fairly soon to smooth out those walls and make it ready for lots and lots of white paint. Underground the infrastructure of pipes and drains are ready to receive the shower and I’d better order the tiles soon.  The upstairs bathroom is what we’re planning now and we are nearly there, I’ll be ordering it all up tomorrow.  We need also to decide on a worktop for the downstairs bathroom.  Our choice is laminate, corian type, maia or simply tiling the surface too.  I’m off to the lovely B&Q very soon to have a look very soon.

The runners did very well despite horrendous conditions, especially F on Saturday.  The half marathon time was just amazing at 1 hour 50.  A new personal best by 8 minutes, very impressive.


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