Day Thirty-Nine

It’s the weekend and the start of the holidays for some of us.  Brilliant.  Shame about the chilly weather but we all know that we can’t have everything.

Upstairs is fully formed now with the final wall in place.  We had a last minute change of door position for the back bedroom and all the electrics and heating have been amended to accommodate the door’s new position.  We’ve also decided to change where to put storage.  We’re going to use the space to the right of the door for a built-in wardrobe, it was Gibby’s great idea, thanks Gibby.

space for the wardrobe
space for the wardrobe
from the stairs
from the stairs
back to front today
back to front today

All we need now are some windows and the plastering can start.  Nothing happening with bathrooms for the last couple of days, I’m looking forward to having a shower again.  Hope it won’t be too long now.

Other Stuff

Just thought that you might like to see the gorgeous ranunculus my sister just turned up with, they are my favourite, what a super surprise. I discovered them two years ago when I was planting lots of pots up for the garden ready for selling our house.  I’d never seen them before then, they are so pretty and full of petals I bought lots for the pots and the house sold very quickly. Not sure if there’s a connection, but I’ve loved them ever since.

runuculus in white
ranunculus in white

I wonder how much snow we’ll have here in Edinburgh, we’ve missed most of it so far.  The forecast sounds like it could be quite serious.

Have a good weekend everyone, whatever the weather x

P.S. nearly forgot…I had beetroot on a pizza last night and it was amazingly tasty. Worth a try.

roast vegetable pizza with beetroot
roast vegetable pizza with beetroot

4 thoughts on “Day Thirty-Nine

  1. Katie – I feel I know your builders as well as my own tradesmen. Pleased the work is progressing so well xx

  2. That’s a very exciting renovation you’ve got going on there! That shot of the ranunculus is lovely. I too love them, they are really beautiful flowers.

    Gillian x

    1. Hi Gillian, thanks for stopping by. The ranuculus are amazing, I’ve planted some bulbs to grow my own this year, fingers crossed they work with this chilly springtime. k x

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