sunshine on a stick
sunshine on a stick

These flowers are so welcome when the rest of the garden is still coming to life.  We have two in our garden, a friend of mine has a whole hedge of it that looks stunning when it is in bloom.

Week 9 of joining in with Nature in the Home at little green shed with Lou.


15 thoughts on “Forsythia

  1. Your forsythia looks gorgeous. It’s so full of flower. I’m sure this time last year I had a huge jug of the stuff but this year it hadn’t flowered much yet. x

  2. I have just found you and your blog, which I love. I live in a new build, so no garden as of yet really apart from grass that we put down. I love your forsythia

  3. I have a mini forsythia hedge. It’s beautiful to look at but unfortunately I don’t get nice long branches of buds that I can cut to go in the house. Yours look so beautiful.

    1. the top of ours is very prolific but lower down there’s nothing at all, there’s a lot of stretching involved taking cuttings. i’ll post a pic of it in the garden, it probably needs a really good pruning or something. x

  4. Oh how I love forsythia. We had a huge bush that would blossom announcing spring is here when we lived on the East Coast. Alas now we live on the west coast and I have not seen forsythia in ages. Thanks for brightening my day. xo

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