Day Sixty-One

There’s grey grout in those tiles upstairs now and the en-suite shower tray has been installed along with a rather handsome tap on the dinky sink.

loving the grey grout
loving the grey grout
no go zone upstairs
no go zone upstairs
shower room starting to come together.
shower room starting to come together.
lovely wee tap
lovely wee tap

Other Stuff

I’m feeling pretty austerity virtuous this tea time. I was going to ‘nip’ into the local massive supermarket on the way home but I decided to avoid it to save the inevitable £25 spend on things you did not know you needed.  Next stop the fridge and bread bin, I used up so many odd items for tea it was great – the children had vegetable soup and eggy bread (using the last of the Valvona and Crolla bread from the farmers’ market) followed by mini banana and white choc cakes made with 2 really really old black bananas I couldn’t quite throw away.  The flavour was amazing since they were so ripe. Yum.  What’s even better is that it’s not pay-day til Thursday so the last coppers will last a bit longer now.  Don’t think I could get another day out of what’s there but you never know…

Might have to have a look here to get inspired – love food hate waste.


2 thoughts on “Day Sixty-One

  1. Hi Katie looking good – love the grey grouting. I too used what I had cabbage and bacon – the Irish influence bred into me xxx

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