Day Sixty-Four

Things are moving again, thank goodness.  The painter has got going on the woodwork upstairs, there is no way I could do the windows or doors and notice every drip or flaw for years to come. The tiles are going in for the ensuite shower tomorrow and the final push is starting on Saturday to get the long ‘to do’ list completed.  We are tentatively hoping that the children can go up at the weekend, before the carpet comes, just for fun. If things go according to plan then we can start the emulsion in the back bedroom on Sunday.

painter in the house
painter in the house

I’m looking forward to showing you some finished room shots in the near future… I need to decide whether I can get H’s curtains to work in her new bedroom or whether to go for a blind to keep it simple. F will have a blind for sure.  I’ve bought lovely narrow shelves for both the front bedrooms for prized possessions to be displayed on. I’m on the look out for some interesting furniture too, it’s hard to beat the blue and yellow Swedish superstore for value but I’d like to mix in some other pieces too.  I drive my dear C mad by looking on gumbay and showing him potential purchases.  I can tell by the look on his face what his opinion is and it is usually a ‘no’.  I thought I was fussy.  It seems odd to be buying other people’s unwanted furniture when we have sold and given away so much ourselves recently.  One thing’s for sure – getting the house into some sort of order will be a long and laborious process.


2 thoughts on “Day Sixty-Four

  1. Imho, both upstairs windows should have the same window dressing, for external appearance… And forget Chris, I will shop with you once I’m back in full working order! Lol x

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