Day Seventy-Two

Not a lot happening here on the regeneration today, the painter has done all he can before we move furniture upstairs – he’s doing the last coat once everything is up there, only problem is the back bedroom needs to finish being painted (by us).  I’ll be up there tomorrow trying hard to finish the walls.

Other Stuff

This splendid wall light was made by F today at school. I think it’s amazing, can you guess the theme, your clue is Glasgow.

Finlay's wall lamp
Finlay’s wall lamp

Got these beauties today hoping that they might grow so late since spring is eluding us this year.  I have chosen where they are going, near the summer house, just need to put them in.

love a bargain, love peonies too.
love a bargain, love peonies too.

I’ll be sure to show you them when (if) they come through.  Rain is pelting down out there so no planting today.


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