Day Seventy-Seven

The person doing the regeneration today was me, only me.  At last my ‘bedroom to be’ is all white.  It has taken an age and has meant overcoming severe inertia but I’ve done it.  It is not actually FINISHED, oh no, but all it needs is a final coat tomorrow and it will be done.

day 68 004 day 68 003The carpet people have said that the carpet should be making its way to Edinburgh next week, I’m not holding my breath on that though, at least all the bedrooms will be ready when it arrives and we can actually get into the new bedroom.  It feels like I made up that we would ever sleep up there!  We have a wardrobe dilemma at the moment too, built-in? Ikea pax?  freestanding expensive but wait and use old one?  We keep going round in circles.  Ideally we would have doors  the same as the shutters but that does not seem possible without getting them made by a specialist company – really must get a price on that.  Whatever we choose will go in the space you can see on the far left below.

day 68 006

Time to wish you all a good weekend again, I’m hoping the sun keeps on shining and that the painting will be done by a fairy overnight.  Which is more likely I wonder? x


2 thoughts on “Day Seventy-Seven

    1. We looked at the weekend, you can get so much in the ikea ones I think we may go for one of them but they are still pretty pricey by the time you add in all the bits and bobs. X

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