5 September 2013

A little posy from the garden
A little posy from the garden

My little posy is sweet and simple – the flowers are beside each other in the garden so it seemed natural to put them together in a vase. This summer has been phenomenal.  We could not have asked for more, the garden is blooming and we have more apples than we know what to with. The air is changing now, particularly in the evening and the nights are drawing in, I  had my fluffy socks on last night to keep the nip from my feet.   The good news is we don’t have to wait so long for the solar fairy lights to come on outside, not managed to capture them well on camera yet, but I will.

Pet sounds is still making me smile, thought you’d like the view from the hall and a detail shot – I really am not pleased with the image in the previous post.  The wall colour is Farrow and Ball’s Skimming Stone, it is very calm and warm for the North facing bathroom.

from the hall
from the hall
detail with floor
detail with floor

All that’s left to say is have a great weekend, summer never felt so long (or warm up here). x

Where’s the badgers?

Just in case you need it, here’s Mini Moderns website


6 thoughts on “5 September 2013

  1. Isn’t it amazing how much happiness there is in picking a few flowers from the garden and bringing them inside? It’s disproportionate. Your posy is gorgeous. And I seriously love that wallpaper. I am often eyeing up mini-moderns prints. x

    1. Hi, lovely to hear from you, flowers are a simple pleasure indeed. The wallpaper was a bold step but so far so good. Worried a bit about it being in a bathroom but nothing ventured and all that.

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